Timeshare Scams

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Real Estate Journal: A Word to the Wise For Timeshare Buyers

"...for some customers, timeshares have an ugly side. Internet chat rooms are filled with timeshare horror stories, and there are thousands of online classified ads posted by not-so-satisfied people who want to sell off, or simply give away, their timeshares.

Among the satisfied, count Prudy Handelman of Santa Barbara, Calif., although she admits that she and her husband "didn't know what we were doing" when they bought their first timeshare in 1996. "For some reason, we accepted a free weekend in San Diego from a timeshare developer, and their spiel sounded so good, we bought one at the Four Seasons Aviara Resort in Carlsbad [Calif.]," she says. The couple paid $22,000 in cash and received a deed giving them ownership of a "huge two-bedroom condo with gorgeous ocean views" for one week in April every year."

Check out the article for further information on what happened


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  • Timeshares can be good but be patient when shopping resales.

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  • Well, for me before entering any timeshare contract better to search first some background about the company you are dealing with. Search about their records whether the are a scam or not, since we all knew that timeshare scams are rising in the industry. Always be careful.

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  • Thank you for sharing this information. I recently purchased a timeshare for me and my family, so I am watching out for these kinds of scams. Thanks for your help.

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